Our Story

MVP began as a collaboration between Dartmouth head football coach Buddy Teevens and a group of engineers and athletes from Dartmouth's Thayer School of Engineering and together they developed the world’s first robotic tackling dummy to help reduce unnecessary contacts and the incidence of injuries suffered during football and other sporting practices. In the first 2 years of the robotic tackling dummies (MVP|DRIVES) being available, MVP completely sold out of their MVP|DRIVES to half the NFL, 40+ colleges, and more than 75 high schools. At Dartmouth, concussions were reduced by 58% in the first two seasons of implementing the MVP|DRIVES into practice. The MVP|DRIVES are designed to accurately simulate the size and performance of a human, weighing 190 lbs and reaching speeds of 18 mph. In 2019, MVP is releasing a new lower-priced model ($3,450), SPRINT, which has been designed to fit the performance needs and budgets of high school and youth programs.

Following the successful development and introduction of the world’s first robotic tackling dummy (MVP|DRIVE) for football, MVP has continued developing their patented robotic system to create HEKTR (Humanoid Engageable Kinetic Training Robot) in order to fit the realistic tactical training needs of the warfighter. HEKTR is a remote-control, fully armored, all-terrain, and responsive live-fire target that simulates a realistic environment by reaching speeds up to 18 mph and providing instantaneous feedback to the shooter. The HEKTR platform is a versatile training tool that forces quick reaction and fluid decision making from operators in any setting, including: house, urban, woodland, desert, ice/snow, and sand. Through the HEKTR mobile app, operators are able to control and customize their training scenarios and thereby integrate HEKTR’s capabilities as part of larger training evolutions.


MVP Company Profile

About mvp llc

Mobile Virtual Player LLC is an independent, privately held company headquartered in Lincoln MA & Bradford VT, that specializes in innovating and developing game changing technology that simulates human motion and performance for sport and other training applications so that athletes can train and compete in a safer environment. MVP created the world’s first rigorously engineered robotic mobile tackling dummy. Using state-of-the-art mechanical and electronic design, MVP’s team of engineers and designers are revolutionizing how athletes train for any sport, safely.

MVP is:
A small entity
Non-traditional contractor
Located in a Hub Zone
Eligible to for sole-source acquisitions
Currently in a SBIR Phase II (AFWERX)